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so really, why me?

To be fair. It's simple. I don't trust the "it's going to take 12 months and we'll need millions of $$$ to accomplish this." -people. That is almost never true. Many of my competitors are good, many of them are probably even better than I am and can brag about their extensive experience in the industry. However, what is it that your business really need - standing infront of this next critical thing you need to solve? I believe it's someone you can trust! Someone that cares about your business, your development and ultimately your entire success. I don't work for the media agencies, I don't slow-roll for an hourly rate, and absolutely most certainly - I DO NOT work for the Software Companies that wants me to benefit from fooling you into believing that their product is right for your business - when in fact, there might be better options for you.

In anything I do, in any case i take. I work for YOU!

some of the things i could do for you

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.. whatever digital you have a challenge with, I most certainly can fix it.

some kind words i have received

"I have always admired Stefan and his contagious mentality, that no goal is too big"

Stefan - besides being a very dear friend has been an inspiration for me since we got to know each other 3 years ago. He always does what he feels is necessary to reach his goals, not a single goal is too big - it just takes discipline and hard work. I have always admired Stefan for that and his mentality it's contagious

my motto is simple..

If you believe in it what you're pursuing, I believe in it too. Let's get in touch and chat fearlessly about your next big thing.

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